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Place of Origin: Fujian, China
Brand Name: LW
Model Number: SP275S
Rated Voltage: 400/230V
Rated Current: 360 A
Speed: 1500 RPM
Frequency: 50HZ

ENGINE--Industrial 4 stroke cooled diesel engine complete with air,fuel and oil filters,electric starting and charging equipment,engine protection against low water level.

COOLING--Radiator and colling fan complete with protection guards,designed to cool engine at specified output in air temperatures upto 50 ℃,radiators suitable for higher temperatures are available.Low water level protection fitted as standard.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM--24V upto.Axial type starter motor,battery charging alternator,high capacity lead acid battery,and battery tray mounted on the generator base frame,and heavy duty interconnecting cable with terminations.

EXHAUST SYSTEM--Heavy duty industrial exhauset silencer with flexible piping.

Main Features:

  • Automatic mains failure
  • Engine control,Generator protection
  • Built in alarms and warnings
  • Remote Start operation available
  • Weekly operation schedule programs


DISPLAY: Engine speed,Oil pressure,Coolant temperature,Run time,Battery volts,Voltage (L-N),Current (L1-L2-L3),Frequency,MAINS

WARNING: Battery charge failure, Low battery voltage,SHUT DOWNS,Fail to start,Emergency stop,Low oil pressure,High engine temperature,Over /Under speed,Under/over generator frequency,Failed to reach loading voltage,ELECTRICAL TRIP.

Voltage Regulation:

  • Voltage regulation maintanined within ±0.5% From no load to full load
  • Between 0.8 and 1.0 lagging and unity At speed droop variation upto 4.5%


Frequency Adjustable Ratio:

Change load from 0-100%,within 1.0%( electric speed regulator),within 4.5%( mechanical speed regulator)

Frequency Undulation:

  • Load from 0-100%,frequency undulation within 0.25% Effect factor of Telecom.
  • No load wire volts max undulation ration\ within 1.8% TIF better than 50.
  • Three Phrase balanced load in the order of 5% THF to IEC60034 Part 40 better than 2%.


Robust Corrosion Resustant Construction:

  • Black finish stainless stell lock and hinges Δ Two large doors on each side
  • Body made from steelcomponents treated with polyester powder coating
  • lube oil and cooling water drains pipes to exterior of the enclosure


Security and Safety:

  • Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door Δ Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Emergency stop buttom mounted on enclosure interior Δ Exhaust silencing system totally enclosed for operator safely


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