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Metro Power Technology UPS Systems is one of the popular online UPS Importer in Bangladesh, which provides UPS Online to solve energy disruption problems. 

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More than 15 years of experience

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Our UPS solutions are designed and developed with double conversion technology. These indigenously manufactured machines are preferred all over Bangladesh and are known for high performance and high quality standards.

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Our UPS Systems is #1 online ups manufacturer, which provides industrial ups in Bangladesh. Our products is easily accessible and affordable for our clientele without making a hole in your pocket. UPS Online alias “Uninterrupted Power Supply Online” is a powerful device where the power remains constant in the appliances during the load shedding. Meaning the power cut doesn’t affect the operation of the appliances. Online UPS are mostly recommended for all critical appliances and devices like Ultrasound Machines, ATMs, Banks, etc. There is no switch overtime during the power cut.

Hence forth, you can choose as required by your application’s necessities and electric association. Moreover, online UPS are accessible from 1KVA to 500KVA, and you can likewise pick the best limit of UPS according to the power necessity of your application and gadgets.

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The most beneficial advantage of an online UPS is, its ability to provide an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment in comparison with the other types of UPS.

  • It is basically providing isolation between main supply and load.
  • Inverter is always switch on therefore; the quality of load voltage is free from distortion.
  • All the disturbances of supply i.e. blackout, brownouts, spikes etc. won’t be there in the output.
  • Voltage regulation will be better.
  • Since inverter is always on therefore, transfer time is practically zero.

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Installing a backup Online UPS requires some careful planning before getting started. We first consult with our licensed professional to ascertain your needs and the size of UPS needed for your home or others places.

That’s why we always provide the right products. We think that customer service is the new process of marketing. If we provide good products our customers will automatically publish our products. Our specialist is always ready to solve customer problems. They are dedicated to providing good service. So we can tell with a guarantee that we provide the best service.

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Top Features Of Our Product:

  • A very well-designed online UPS shields against blackouts, sags, surges, transients, sags, noise and brownouts.
  • It is easily accessible and affordable.
  • It is continuously reinforces clean AC power, they provide the maximum level of shield available, irrespective to utility line condition.
  • The Uninterruptible Power Supply have very complex designs than the offline UPS or hybrid types, while the price, volume and weight are higher.

The inverter of an online UPS system supplies continuous power to the main load. Under the conditions of overloads or loads with high in rush currents that are beyond the capacity of the inverter, the static bypass switch offers mains power to the load.