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Load shedding is a common problem in our country. The insufficient production of electricity is the main reason for load shedding. The generator fills the gap of load shedding. To overcome this problem we bring good quality generators from different countries of the world.

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More than 15 years of experience

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Metro power is one of the Reliable Power & Technologies sources in Bangladesh, has been continuing its business as an importer, wholesaler, and one-stop solution provider of electrical and electronics products. Our company has already got the affiliation with the world-class brand’s product –Diesel Generator (Perkins, Cummins, Lovol, Ricardo), Elevator, Construction Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Air compressor, and Computer accessories. Our factory offers the best quality Ricardo diesel generator at an affordable price.

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Why Generator is Important:

Backup generators offer a permanent solution to power homes or industries during an electrical outage. Standby generators are designed to turn on automatically when the power fails, providing your home with a seamless supply of electricity in the event of a power outage. Listed below are many of the advantages of a backup generator.

A backup generator is a piece of equipment designed to restore power to your home industries,  medical, or business when the power goes out. The equipment is available in a wide range of sizes from small, portable units to large, whole-house systems. Portable units require gasoline while whole-house systems use diesel, propane, or natural gas. Those People who rely on electricity to power medical equipment, live in an area with frequent, prolonged blackouts, or work at home and need uninterrupted power should invest in a backup generator. A generator installed is also an excellent option for anyone who wants peace of mind to be prepared for unexpected situations. The generator allows homeowners to maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies.

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Top ten quality Ricardo diesel generator from Starlight generator can fit your backup power requirements easily. 20kw to 2000kw Ricardo generator for sale! We provide high-speed operation on low-cost heavy fuel oil (HFO) more typically used in larger, medium-speed engines. Ricardo diesel generator sets adopt are series diesel engines.  This cylinder diameter is 100/105/108/135 mm, with a power coverage of 26.5-400 kW and a rotating speed of 1500-2800 R/min. It has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, large torque, easy start-up, low emissions, small volume, large power, high reliability, convenient operation, and maintenance. It is the ideal power for automotive, engineering machinery, generator sets, ships, tractors, fixed power vehicles.

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Installing a backup generator requires some careful planning before getting started. We first consult with our licensed professional to ascertain your needs and the size of generator needed for your home or others places.

That’s why we always provide the right products. We think that customer service is the new process of marketing. If we provide good products our customers will automatically publish our products. Our specialist is always ready to solve customer problems. They are dedicated to providing good service. So we can tell with a guarantee that we provide the best service.

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If we provide quality products so it helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. Companies can build a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with a recognized quality standard. Our special feature is that we always provide good products.

Customers always think if they pay a higher price they get durable and best quality products. But we are exceptional. Our customers pay an affordable price and we provide good quality products. High prices are not an indication of good quality. We collect products from many different brands. And obviously, our products are good. You can trust us easily.

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