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Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and an Automatic Voltage Stabiliser (AVS) stabilizes the mains power supply voltage to a load.

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Metro Power Technology provides AVR & AVS for a long time, in Bangladesh Bangladesh. We have an after-sale service to make you rest assured of Power On Electronics because we can customize the special datasheet according to your market and requirements.

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We extremely believe that competitive service will help to appeal to us a lot of our existing customers and be attractive to many new customers.

We provide types of support to our customers with information and tools. Our expert team has experience dealing with any industrial electrical problem. We also provide service warranty in different time duration free of cost.

Our online customer support is available 24/7. We always provide efficient and strong customer service. Our expert support team is ready with a ton of information regarding AVR & AVS to satisfied customers. 

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Metro Power Technology imports the world’s best brands AVR & AVS from different countries like Japan, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

We never compromise with the quality we always ensure Volt protection, Power factor, Circuit Protection, temperature protection option all AVR & AVS. Ensysco brands provide both servo and relay-type automatic voltage stabilizers.

KTAC: AVR & AVS Compared with other voltage stabilizers, it has the advantage of great variety, complete specification, appearance, and obvious features of high efficiency, reliable performance, working continually for a long time.

Chujhu Electronics: its output voltage is then adjusted to the rated value and a steady state is maintained.

We also work with the best electronics brands like SanDisk, Beats, GoPro, and others.

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Metro Power Tech

Best Price in Bangladesh

Our product is an ideal stabilized voltage supply for any type of electric material for your projects. When widely used in any location requiring electricity and ensures your power device can run normally it’s valued.

With a ton of advantages like complete specification, appearance and obvious features of high efficiency, reliable performance, working continually for a long time. Exclusive feature power factor, servo motor control type, MCB Short Circuit Protection, temperature protection option.

With this ton of facilities, our AVR & AVS price is very affordable.

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Metro Power Technology imports and supplies all types of AVR & AVS for different types of projects. Our product had Over/Low Volt protection, Power factor, servo motor control type, MCB Short Circuit Protection, temperature protection option, Comprehensive monitoring to ensure the safety of the product operation.

We imported customized product specialty designs for Bangladeshi electric voltage frequency. Our all brands are internationally certified and approved. Our brands supply AVR & AVS to UAE mega projects. Quality is very exclusive but at an affordable price.

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Md Abdus Salam, Friends Builders

This AVR & AVS is very safe to use and the price is affordable. I’ll recommend your projects.

Km Faysal Director, Cafe Appaliano

Metro Power Technology you can’t trust their service and product. I used their AVR & AVS for my project.

Amy Chen, Enland Power Equipment Ltd.

Everyone should use Metro Power Technology.AVR & AVS system without any hesitation.

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