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Capsule lift/elevator is the newest version of the traditional elevator system. It is way better in terms of design, fashion, technology, etc. This elevator is equipped with modern technology with highly equipped which makes it superior to the other options available in the market.

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More than 15 years of experience

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Nowadays, people are very much conscious of their fashion and comfort. That is one of the reasons
that capsule lift is being popular day by day to us. We, Metro Power Technology, are engaged in importing capsule elevators for years-long with A reputation. We have a professional team of engineers and technicians who are experienced in settling capsule lifts efficiently.




Metro Power Tech

We Provide Quality Products

Without maintaining quality no business concern can sustain. Therefore, in no question, to exist in the market, we have to maintain our quality best. As we only deal with the world-renowned brands and capsule lifts are superior to the traditional elevators, we kept our reputation since our operation started.

As we have already completed the installation and set up of numbers of capsule lifts all around the country, our existing customer talks on our voice. After installation, we are still providing their maintenance support 24/7. Considering the facts you can rely on our quality without any hesitation.

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Lift features

Features of capsule lift are plenty, which will help you to make your decision whether you will jump on it or not. Capsule lifts are really different from others for their panoramic design.

These lifts are designed with glass panels that will allow you to view them outside. Though it is funny to hear, the installation and setup of the capsule lift are much easier than the traditional lift.

It is also economical for you. It requires less equipment to install which saves cost. Its maintenance cost is also less than the traditional one.

We can provide you any capacity capsule lift, starting from 6 persons, you demand your premises.

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Everybody wants cheaper as human behavior demands this. Like the traditional elevator, capsule lifts are not available to everyone. The completion is much lower here than the other one. Those who have expertise can only deal with this kind of elevator.

We metro power technology dealing with different brands of capsule elevator for long 25 (twenty-five) years, we have gathered expertise on it. So we definitely can offer you the cheapest price in the market comparing to our rivals.

Besides, our professional marketing team is also available at your doorstep for resolving any complication regarding price.

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Best Price in Bangladesh

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We Sell Quality Products

Metro power technology started its operation in the year 1995. In our journey of long 25 (twenty-five), years, we flourish our business in more than 60 quality products, 5,000 (Five thousand) renowned clients with thousands of positive reviews.

Capsule lift/elevator is not like the traditional elevator system. These specialized lifts are installed on the exterior portion of the structure or in the lobby. Therefore to handle this, you must have specialized knowledge and expert manpower on this system.

We are few of them who are experienced and have expert engineers and technicians. We have successfully installed a number of capsule lifts around the country. So, if you are planning to install a capsule lift in your structure, then you can keep your trust in us justifying our reputation in the market.

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What our clients say

Mr. Jahidul Islam, Century Engineering

Big thanks to Metro Power Technology for providing me with a stylish, safe, and affordable elevator. Their service is very good and friendly.

Mr. Monjil, Dinajpur Auto Rice Mill Ltd

Previously we used another company elevator in our projects but the experience was horrible. Now we are using Metro Power Technology elevator and we happy.

Mr. Sharif, I K Technology

I used the Metro Power Technologies elevator for the last few years in my projects. I’ll recommend others to use without hesitation.

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