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350 kva 300kw Ricardo 60hz Diesel Generator

Warranty: 1year, 1 Year
Certification: CE/ISO
Place of Origin: SHANDONG
Brand Name: Ricardo
Model Number: BEST-300
Rated Voltage: 110V-480V
Rated Current: 540A
Speed: 1500 rmp / 1800 rmp
Frequency: 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Product Name: diesel generator 350 kva with china China’s local well-known generator
Type: Open Canopy
Output Type: AC 1/3 Phase
Keyword: diesel generator 350 kva
Cooling method: Water-cooling System
Alternator: brush and brushless
Color: Blue
Options: Silent box,ATS,trailer

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Weifang best power equipment Co., Ltd Diesel engine brand RICARDO
Model: 6126AZLD
Standby power: 308KW
Rated power :1500r/min(Optional 1800rpm)
Type: Inline / Four strokes
Intake method: Turbocharged
Stroke number: 4
Cylinder number: 6
Bore*stoke: 126*155mm
Total displacement of piston: 11.5L
Speed mode: Mechanical / Electronic speed regulation
Fuel type: Diesel type
Starting way: DC 24V
Cooling way: Closed circulation forced water cooling (fan is directly driven by the engine)
Minimum fuel: consumption rate 197g/kw.h
Lub Oil consumption rate: 0.8g/kw.h
Crankshaft rotation direction: Counterclockwise (facing the flywheel end)
Lub oil capacity: 17L
China famous alternator Rated power 300KW
Rated current: 540A
Rated voltage: 220/380V
Rated frequency: 50HZ(Optional 60HZ)
Rated speed: 1500r/min
Rated power: factor 0.8(Lag)
Generator efficiency: 80-85%

Waveform: Positive wave
Phase and connection: Three-phase Four-wire
Excitation method: Brush/Brushless
Pressure regulation method: Automatic
Protection class IP21
Main technical specifications of diesel generator set Genset type Open type(Optional Closed silent type)
Generator set model 300GF
Rated power factor: COSΦ = 0.8 (lag) Steady-state voltage adjustment rate (%): ≤ ± 1
Rated output voltage:220/380V Voltage fluctuation rate (%): ≤ ± 0.5
Rated current:540A Transient voltage adjustment rate (%): + 20 ~ -15
Rated frequency:50Hz Voltage stabilization time (s): ≤1
Rated speed :1500rpm Steady-state frequency adjustment rate (%): ≤ ± 1
Start control mode: manual Frequency fluctuation rate (%): ≤ ± 0.5
Overload protection: water temperature, oil pressure, overcurrent, overload Transient frequency adjustment rate (%): + 10 ~ -7
Battery:120*2 Frequency stabilization time (S): ≤3
Diamensions:L*W*H (With wood case) 3200*1100*1800mm
Whole Weight: 2200kg


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