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Otistec and elevator these two names are synonyms to all. Otistec was founded in 1853. Elisha the founder of the company was the inventor of the elevator safety brake system. Otistec is an iconic brand with a rich history. They move 2 billion people a day around the world and more than 2 million elevators they have installed till now in this world. Otistec means legacy and prestige.

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More than 15 years of experience

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We, Metro Power Technology, are proud to work with Otistec brand elevators. We will provide you setup, installation with after-sales maintenance facilities too for Otistec. If you are with Otistec, then you are with the heritage.




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Without reliability, no relationship exists. In our journey of long 10 years, we flourish our business in more than 60 quality products, 5,000 (Five thousand) renowned clients with thousands of positive reviews.

We have a variety of products with different brands in our fleet. So you can pick your one from this range. Quality, price, technology everything we have, according to your budget you can set your ones.

Selling of elevator is not the only motto of our company. We believe in customer satisfaction with long-term relationships. That is the reason we only import quality brand products like Otistec , Fuji Elevator, Sigma, JL from abroad. Otistec is the king of those.
We have professional experienced engineers and technicians, who are highly qualified in setting up, installation, and maintenance of all types of lift/elevators. You will also get 24/7 emergency after-sales maintenance service from our experts.

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Best Price in Bangladesh

Otistec is only dealing with the high-standard elevators. They are legends in the elevator industry. The cost of it may little bit higher than the other ones. They are among the oldest lift manufacturer in the world. We are one of few importers of Bangladesh who work with Otistec. However, we can guarantee you the best price than our competitors.

Moreover, our professional marketing team is always available for discussion and negotiation. So the door is always open for you for a bargain. We are ready to offer you a rock bottom price for a win-win game on both sides. So do not hesitate to get a quote from our side for discussion.

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As we already mentioned that Otistec is a legend in the elevator industry and they were engaged in inventing few technologies of elevators, you can expect a lot from them.

As an elevator is a major part of any building’s value and allure, Otistec offers the latest technology with a combination of safety and style. All of their elevators maintain the latest building and elevator code. They have Gen2 system elevators by using new design and technology for getting the highest performance in terms of safety and swiftness. To explain in one sentence, you will get every single thing you want in Otistec.

We can also arrange customized featured elevators according to your necessity.

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If the question is quality, Otistec is among the top of the world. From the year 1853, Otistec started manufacturing elevators. Now they are the giant in the elevator industry. More than 2 million elevators they have provided in world market till date. We are working with Otistec for long years.

We Metro power technology working with decent goodwill in the market for providing quality products. We could not sustain in the market for a long 25 (twenty-five) years without having a good track record.

We are working with world-renowned elevator brands like Sigma, JL, Otistec, Jakosc, and other renowned elevator manufacturers. These brands are ranked top in the world elevator market holding a lion portion of the market share. We don’t but our clients always speak for us.

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Mr. Jahidul Islam, Century Engineering

Big thanks to Metro Power Technology for providing me with a stylish, safe, and affordable elevator. Their service is very good and friendly.

Mr. Monjil, Dinajpur Auto Rice Mill Ltd

Previously we used another company elevator in our projects but the experience was horrible. Now we are using Metro Power Technology elevator and we happy.

Mr. Sharif, I K Technology

I used the Metro Power Technologies elevator for the last few years in my projects. I’ll recommend others to use without hesitation.

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