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Mitsubishi Lift Supplier in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the ancient elevator manufacturers of the world. They are engaged in producing elevators since 1930.

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More than 15 years of experience

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At this moment they have a high reputation for innovating super high-speed elevators. You will enjoy an ultra-fast reliable ride in their elevators. They have already created an image of trust in customers’ minds for their higher standard of elevators. Mitsubishi Electric is also a leading manufacturer of moving walks or escalators in the world.

We, Metro Power Technology, import Mitsubishi brand elevators and provide you with setting up, installation with after-sales maintenance facilities too. We can also arrange your customized requirements for your convenience.







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Our metro power technology is in operation since 1995. If you look at it, can see we are only dealing with high standard brand products like Mitsubishi, Hyundai, fuji, sigma, etc. Cheaper and low standard elevators are not included in our basket. As your elevators are heavy-duty consumer products, so if you go for the fragile one for cheaper in price, you have to suffer later.

In our journey of long 25 (twenty-five), years, we flourish our business in more than 600 (six hundred) quality products, 5,000 (Five thousand) renowned clients with thousands of positive reviews.

We have professional experienced engineers and technicians, who are highly qualified in setting up, installation, and maintenance of all types of lift/elevators. You will also get 24/7 emergency after-sales maintenance service from our experts.

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Mitsubishi electric is only dealt with high-standard elevators. The cost of it may little bit higher than the other ones. Whatsoever, we have a long relationship with our suppliers, so can provide you very much better competitive price.

Moreover, our professional marketing team is always available for discussion and negotiation.

So the door is always open for you for a bargain. We are ready to offer you a rock bottom price for a win-win game on both sides. So do not hesitate to get a quote from our side for discussion.

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Lift Features:

Mitsubishi Electric offers a huge variety of sophisticated features to give you comfort and safety. All the time they are engaged in the development of their newly innovated elevators. Few latest features of Mitsubishi elevators are depicted here:

Safety Door Edge system, Safety Ray, Electronic Door Man, Multi-Beam Door Sensor, Secret Call Service, Super Energy Saving Operation, Super High-Speed ride facilities with safety and comfortability, etc.

We can also arrange customized featured elevators according to your necessity.

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Mitsubishi Electric is a name for trust and safety since the 1930s. They have invented a lot of new features in elevators. If you decided to fix an elevator in your building, don’t hesitate to select Mitsubishi. We are working together with Mitsubishi electric for a long for their reputation spread all around the world on this track.

We Metro power technology working with decent goodwill in the market for providing quality products. No business concern can sustain a long 25 (twenty-five) years without having a good track record. Our clients always speak for us.

Moreover, we only deal with world-renowned brand products like Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Fuji, Sigma, etc. These brands are ranked top in the world elevator market holding a lion portion of the market share.

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Mr. Jahidul Islam, Century Engineering

Big thanks to Metro Power Technology for providing me with a stylish, safe, and affordable elevator. Their service is very good and friendly.

Mr. Monjil, Dinajpur Auto Rice Mill Ltd

Previously we used another company elevator in our projects but the experience was horrible. Now we are using Metro Power Technology elevator and we happy.

Mr. Sharif, I K Technology

I used the Metro Power Technologies elevator for the last few years in my projects. I’ll recommend others to use without hesitation.

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